100 Days in the Secret Place: Classic Writings from Madame Guyon, Francois Fenelon, and Michael Molinos on the Deeper Christian Life

Unfortunately, this journey inward is a “road less traveled” and too few have found the way. Gene edwards, author of divine romance, has gathered together key writings from three notable Christian mystics from the seventeenth century: Miguel de Molinos, Madame Jeanne Guyon, and Francois Fenelon. Over the next 100 days, you will embark on a journey into the secret place by using this Christian mystic devotional.

100 days of journeying Deeper Into God’s Presence. Featuring devotions by christian mystics: miguel de molinos, Jeanne Guyon and Francois FenelonBored with the exercises of religious ritualism and parched by the teaching of dry dogma, man searches for a way back home to the place of God’s presence. These pioneers of god’s presence will lead you into new depths of prayer and meditation as they give you a taste of the deep fellowship with God that is available for you today!Are you living in a drought of spiritual dryness?Are you lost in the depths of spiritual loneliness?Are you longing for a moment of spiritual reality?Then 100 Days in a Secret Place is your road back home to the place of His presence!


The Divine Romance Inspirational S

Experience creation, and the resurrection from this unique viewpoint, the crucifixion, and gain a better understanding of the majestic love of God. Gene edwards’s classic tale is the greatest love story ever told. A breathtakingly beautiful saga spanning from eternity to eternity, presented from the view of angels.


The Prisoner in the Third Cell

Imprisoned by herod, john the baptist struggles to understand a Lord who did not meet his expectations―a dramatic account offering insight into the ways of God.

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ Library of Spiritual Classics, Volume 2

Fenelon, john wesley, count zinzenforf, the early Quakers, Jessie Penn-Lewis and Hudson Taylor all highly recommended it to the believers of their day. This book will introduce you to a whole new-and deeper-relationship to Jesus Christ. Madame guyon is generally credited, even by her enemies, as being one of the best-known women in church history.

Penned by one of christianity's most famous saints, Jeanne Guyon, it has played a major part in the lives of more famous Christians than perhaps any other Christian book. Will durant, in his 11-volume story of Civilization, recounts the impact of Jeanne Guyon's life and writings on French history. At one time this book was publicly burned in France and yet it has also been received by seeking Christians as one of the most helpful and powerful Christian books ever written.

Here is the very first edition written in modern English. Watchman nee saw that this book was translated into Chinese, and made available to every new convert of The Little Flock. One of the most influential spiritual books ever penned, even secular historians acknowledge the great impact Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ has had in Christian history.


Stories I Love to Tell

He is also a master storyteller. From the author’s transformative experience with helen keller at the garden tomb, will shock and surprise you, to the little-known mystery surrounding Da Vinci’s Last Supper masterpiece, to a “modern-day” sailor who gets swallowed by a whale and lives to tell the tale, Edwards offers this carefully selected collection of stories that will make you laugh and cry, but most of all will draw you into the fascinating world of well-told stories about people whose stories are still worth the telling.

He believes that like good parables, great stories can deliver dual delights of pure entertainment and the privilege of experiencing the Holy Spirit speaking to your own heart. A collection of stories by a beloved authorconsidered the “Paul Harvey” of Christian writers, Gene Edwards is one of America’s most beloved authors.


Training for Harvest: Stopping for the One, Believing for the Multitudes

He is raising up a new breed of missionaries to usher in the nations!discover your unique role in this great harvest of nations!Wherever you find yourself today—whether you are a student, parent, worker, pastor, or missionary— you are in an exclusive and divinely appointed position to release the radical love and supernatural power of Jesus into your world.

Heidi and rolland baker’s training for harvest manual is an interactive workbook that equips you to carry the Kingdom of God into the missions assignment to which God is calling you. Gain a clear sense purpose and destiny. Live in moment-by-moment intimacy with Jesus. Encounter the transforming power of God.

Grow in signs, wonders and miracles. Develop a radical faith. Access the resources of heaven. You have been created for this purpose—to bring in the great harvest of nations. It all begins with a choice: will you answer God’s call? You were made for this!from the remote corners of the jungle to the world’s largest cities, the Spirit of God is powerfully at work within the hearts of people from all walks of life, drawing them to Himself.

The harvest is abundant!But where are the harvesters?God is seeking workers for the harvest.

Voice in the Night: The True Story of a Man and the Miracles That Are Changing Africa

Voice in the night is the amazing true story of what began that night in a jungle hut more than twenty-five years ago: a journey--an adventure--of faith and miracles. As surprise stepped out into the night, away from everything dear to him, he had no idea who God was--or what he had in store for him. From miraculous signs and wonders to supernatural deliverance from certain death to divine revivals that overtook countries, Surprise has followed wherever God has led, poverty, becoming an agent of hope and change in a continent devastated by war, and spiritual oppression.

But at the age of fifteen, he was awakened in the middle of the night by an unfamiliar voice. Astonishing true story of the miracles that are changing AfricaBorn into a long line of witch doctors, oppression, Surprise "Surpresa" Sithole was destined for a life of fear, and poverty in the jungles of Africa.

Urgent, but not harsh, it told him to get up and leave his family immediately.

A Tale of three Kings: A Study in Brokenness

Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. Condition: New. Isbn13: 9780842369084. For the many christians who have experienced pain, loss, this compelling story offers comfort, healing, and heartache at the hands of other believers, and hope. This best-selling tale is based on the biblical figures of David, Saul, and Absalom.

Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! Tracking provided on most orders. Christian leaders and directors of religious movements throughout the world have recommended this simple, powerful, and beautiful story to their members and staff. You will want to join the thousands who have been profoundly touched by this incomparable story.


The Seeking Heart Library of Spiritual Classics

The name fenelon has stood for spiritual depth and insight for 300 years. Condition: New. Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Isbn13: 9780842369084. Seeking christians throughout the years have turned again and again to his writings for guidance and help in their quest for a deeper walk with Christ.

Here are his works and letters for those who have a seeking heart. Used book in Good Condition. Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! .

Let Go

Tracking provided on most orders. Used book in Good Condition. Condition: New. Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. Do you struggle through family problems, battle with the tensions of raising children, fénelon speaks firmly yet lovingly to those whose lives have been an uphill climb, or find yourself overwhelmed with pressures on the job? Are personal failures and disappointments on the increase as you face each day? What a fountain of life it would be to discover how to let go of those distresses and learn to embrace the joy and peace that God has promised! With amazing insight, and reveals just how to Let Go! Isbn13: 9780842369084.


Birthing the Miraculous: The Power of Personal Encounters with God to Change Your Life and the World

But carrying the promises of god often means being stretched, being inconvenienced, and being patient to nourish those promises until it is God’s time for them to be born. But no matter how impossible his promises seem, we can respond as Mary did, believing for the impossible, carrying your promise, with a yielded cry of “Yes!” It is time to go into every realm of society, and watching God do the miraculous through you.

Sometimes god’s promises seem bizarre, implausible, and even crazy. Condition: New. Charisma Media. God has promised us miracles. We eagerly pray and hope for His miracles, promises, and blessings. Isbn13: 9780842369084. Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. In birthing the miraculous heidi baker weaves true stories from her life and ministry—including personal visitations and life-changing visions—together with the biblical story of Mary’s pregnancy with Jesus to show you how to become a catalyst for God’s glory here on earth.

. Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! Used book in Good Condition. Are you willing to do what it takes to see them through?   We all desire the favor of God on our lives.