Death By Rum Balls The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 4

New Orleans Fast Dog Publishing - Is someone only trying to embarrass julia or will that someone take it a step further to even a score? ˃˃˃ There’s no place like New Orleans to have a good crime, and the holidays are no exception!Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today! Brandy stops to deliver mistletoe for Julia’s party that night when Frank, Julia’s handyman, drags her into the mayhem surrounding the guest list.

Flying solo, brandy is still determined to make the best of the holidaysthis will be Brandy’s first Christmas without Dante, but she is determined to enjoy the holiday going to parties and even a “Yappy Hour” with Jiff and both of their schnauzers. Why is everyone suddenly out to get julia?it seems julia’s neighbors, even some of the ladies from her church group, her brother, all have a reason to dislike Julia, her cooking club, the business association, a lot! When gifts with strange contents start to show up the day of the party, members of her Pilates class, Frank sees it as an omen of things to come.

Death By Rum Balls The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 4 - It seems everyone julia invited has a grudge against her, and they all confirmed they are coming to her party.

The Long Island Iced Tea Goodbye Career Crisis Café Mystery Book 1

- Heather hampton, a middle-aged, freshly divorced fashion journalist from Long Island, New Zealand to start a new life as a beach café owner and a cocktail maker extraordinaire, not to battle a grumpy live-in chef-cum-baker, arrives in Dolphin Cove, rescue feral kittens and find bodies and skeletons in cupboards.

But, more importantly, will she guess who the murderer is? Can you beat her to it?Grab a copy of The Long Island Iced Tea Goodbye to find out. But when she is accused of poisoning her chef, she has no choice, but to get involved and find out what really happened. With the help, a semi-retired police officer and a rescue kitten, Heather discovers a few secrets, and sometimes against, makes a couple of friends and almost ends up on a date.

Sage Gardens Cozy Mystery Series Box Set Volume 1 Books 1 - 4

- The ‘sage gardens sleuths’ decide to do a little investigating of their own to help speed up the process of revealing the murderer so that Sage Gardens can be a safe place to live once again. Will they be able to catch the killer before one of them gets hurt? or will they reach a dead end?Book 4: Ties Can Be DeadlyWhen Eddy goes to the bank to draw out money to buy Samantha a birthday present, the last thing he expects is for the bank to be robbed while he’s in the queue.

Their investigation leads them down a path they never anticipated and puts some of them in unexpected danger. Start a new cozy mystery series by getting the first 4 books in the Sage Gardens Cozy Mystery Series in this boxed set. Book 1: birthdays can be deadlythe retirement village, has villas set amidst beautiful, lush gardens surrounding a sparkling, Sage Gardens, blue lake.

But first they have to work out who a mysterious, yet familiar resident is. The four retirees are on a mission to uncover the truth. Given his age it is presumed that he died of natural causes, but foul play is suspected and three residents join forces to try and uncover the truth. Their investigations lead them towards some serious criminals and puts them in some serious danger.

Sage Gardens Cozy Mystery Series Box Set Volume 1 Books 1 - 4 - Will the ‘sage gardens sleuths’ be able to stay out of danger long enough to untangle the web of suspects so that justice can be served? Although they are retired they use their skills and experiences from their professions as a detective, crime journalist, and accountant in the search for the murderer.

DOG GONE And DEAD: A Brandy Alexander Mystery The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 5

New Orleans Fast Dog Publishing - Does a dog holds the key to solving the Case?There’s a leash wrapped around the dead woman’s wrist and no dog. A much needed vacation turns deadlya weekend getaway at the beach with Jiff was just what they both needed, but their plans for a relaxing escape are ruined when Brandy discovers a dead body under a pier.

Will brandy’s determination to find the truth make her the next target in a world with hit men, payoffs and murder? Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today! Brandy finds the missing dog and more than she bargained for with flash drives sewn in the dog’s collar. Brandy learns the murdered woman’s ex-husband is connected to the sleepy little beach town in more ways than the dead body.

DOG GONE And DEAD: A Brandy Alexander Mystery The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 5 - The local policewoman thinks Brandy could help if she agrees to go undercover.

Pineapple Puppies: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Nine - A cozy dog mystery Pineapple Port Mysteries 9

- Puppies have taken over book nine of the hilarious pineapple port mystery series from Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY Best-Selling author Amy Vansant!Someone has left puppies on the doorsteps of Pineapple Port's residents, but the adorable balls of fur seem to be connected to the murder of a nearby millionaire with too many heirs of his own.

Meanwhile, mariska's been framed for baking a killer cake, baking, horses, and Charlotte must clear her name Fans of classic cozy mysteries will adore this whodunnit packed with puppies, sneaky maids and a dead rich man!.

Politicians, Potholes and Pralines The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 6

New Orleans Fast Dog Publishing - But besides a list of felons with a long reach for revenge, girlfriends, the police find the Judge had a list of ex-wives, and women he had wronged, not to mention enough gambling debts to rival the National deficit. The problems only get bigger. When she goes to return the jacket he left in the bar, she finds herself smack in the middle of a crime scene.

Has brandy stumbled into a world where doing a good deed might get her good and dead? There’s no place like New Orleans to have a good crime! The list of gang members the judge sentenced is longer than the line waiting for king cakes at Mardi Gras. After work she joins her friend, Whit, to celebrate his Judge of the Year nomination.

Politicians, Potholes and Pralines The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 6 - No good deed goes unpunished, as they say. The doors to his home and security gates are wide open, his dog is nowhere to be found, an ex-wife is standing at the top of the stairs, the safe is empty, and the Judge is facedown in a pool of blood. Will they reconcile their differences when she finds information regarding the case? Will Dante be willing to set aside differences and let her help the police in the investigation? New Orleans has long had a reputation for crime and corruption.

Brandy is front and center at the crime scene when her ex boyfriend, NOPD Captain Dante Deedler, shows up. In brandy alexander’s case, no good deed goes without finding a body and a crime to solve.

Summer Sleuths Cozy Mysteries Collection

- The gruesome discovery causes Carlita to wonder what other secrets her property holds. Enjoy hours of entertainment with over 1, 000 pages of clean cozy mysteries. She is relieved to discover their flight will be landing in sunny Florida. Unfortunately, Paul has a completely different honeymoon location planned.

When they arrive at their final destination, not only does Gloria have to come to grips with her disappointment, she has to figure out why one of the first people the newlyweds come across is a dead man. Each book has a summer theme. Can gloria solve the mystery of the suspicious death and salvage her honeymoon.

Summer Sleuths Cozy Mysteries Collection - . Or will the sun, sand, has arrived in savannah to help with the opening of their new pawnshop, and suspects prove to be deadly?Book 2 - Swag in Savannah Carlita Garlucci is thrilled that her son, Tony, "Savannah Swag. While giving her son a tour of the property, they stumble upon a hidden trap door that leads to an undiscovered basement with a tunnel.

Curious to find out where the tunnel leads, Tony breaks through the wall and discovers underground passageways rumored to have been used by pirates to smuggle their stolen goods into the historic city. Visions of sprawling, luxurious resorts boasting sandy white beaches and sparkling pools fill Gloria's head.

The only problem is, paul, gloria has no idea where they're going since her husband, wanted to surprise her with the honeymoon location. Bonus: recipes included! ---------------hope callaghan cozy mysteries collection summer sleuths edition contents:1- sun, and suspects garden girls cozy mystery series2- swag in Savannah Made in Savannah Cozy Mystery Series3- Deadly Deception Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery Series4- Nightmare in Nantucket Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series5-Tides of Deception Samantha Rite Mystery Series6- Divine Secrets Divine Cozy Mystery SeriesPlus Bonus Short Story, Sand, “Secrets of a Stranger.

Scam Chowder A Five-Ingredient Mystery Book 2

Kensington - The deceased diner apparently scammedGranddad's best buddy, and since the other dinner guests have suddenly clammedup, the police have all the ingredients to cook up a conviction for Granddad. With his freedom--and val's café job--on the line, Val is in a sweat trying toavert disaster. But keeping her grandfatherout of trouble can be a challenge.

. Especially when one of his dinner party guestswinds up face down in the chowder. Running the fitness club's Cool Down Café--and perfectingher five-ingredient recipes--is a dream come true. But dredging up old secrets might just be a recipe for murder. Includes 6 five-ingredient recipes! Thirtyishval deniston loves the Chesapeake Bay tourist town shenow calls home.

Rescued By A Kiss The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 1

Colleen Mooney - Good kiss after the parade Yes! Right in front of Mr. So you'd think brandy might be a little self-conscious when a suave smoothie in one of the gentlemen’s walking clubs mesmerizes her into a big fat Mardi Gras smooch right in front of him. Because after all, it's Mardi Gras, and also for another good reason.

That kiss was long, slow, hot, unlike any kiss I’d ever had in my life. A first date that gets BloodyShe makes a date to meet Mr. Right next door but she arrives just in time to see him get shot, but fortunately not shot dead. It was a kiss to kill ForBrandy Alexander’s the real deal. In fact, dante, the bf, is such a thoroughgoing New Orleanian he always manages Mardi Gras parade duty on his own block.

Rescued By A Kiss The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 1 - Yes, that’s her real name and no, she’s not a stripper, but her best friend Julia is. Before he passes out, he pulls her close and whispers, “Save Isabella. Wall street journal best-selling author colleen mooney delivers a zany, at all times accompanied by schnauzers, but colleen mooney has something else in mind, something like a screwball chase all over town, with a stop at Charity Hospital, from Lee Circle to the Lakefront, Offbeat Thrillride That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your SeatYou’d think a mystery that begins with an eligible man taking a bullet might be a bit dark, and finally to the French Quarter’s favorite gay dance club, one of them named Geaux Cup.

In colleen mooney’s funny, you gon’ have a authentic Noo Awlins experience, delightfully meandering cozy mystery, romantic, dawlin’! And a wild ride into the bargain. Scroll up and grab Your Copy Today! But not a bit.

Drive Thru Murder The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 3

New Orleans Fast Dog Publishing - Seems cluck it is not just a place to clog your arteries, but also a transgender hangout. A murder scene where nothing is as it seemsbrandy witnesses a murder at a drive thru joint with the unlikely name of CLUCK IT: CHICKEN BY THE BUCKET. And with that discovery, you know you're in New Orleans. The local, new orleans color never stops brandy’s complex Irish Channel family develops the kind of problem that is a lot more fun on the page than in real life.

If you like contemporary stylish heroines like those popularized by Janet Evanovich, and Gemma Holliday, Elaine Viets, Dorothy Cannell, Stephanie Bond, and humorous mysteries like those by Donna Andrews, and Lisa Lutz, you're going to get a girl-crush on Brandy Alexander. Scroll up and grab Your Copy Today!

You can almost hear her wondering, “did i do that?”˃˃˃ fans of cozy mysteries and chick lit heroines will delight in Brandy’s flat-out lovability and Mooney’s almost offhand yet spot-on and often hilarious observations of everyday New Orleans life. What to do when your sister gets pregnant with one of the next-door twins, but she doesn't know which twin? Be glad it's Brandy’s problem, not yours.

She also finds a mysterious box of valuable jewelry under her closet floor, and develops a strong suspicion about one of her other neighbors, becomes the unofficial caretaker of the Tarot reader across the street who knows the future but can never predict when she’s going to get so drunk she’s going to fall into her own bushes, all the while juggling the two Romeos.

Drive Thru Murder The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 3 - Luckily, going to weave together the myriad mysterious strands that confound the police who happen to count Boy Friend # 1 among their ranks and present them the solution with all the panache of an old-style detective like Hercule Poirot, Brandy Is Better At Solving Mysteries Than She Is At Wrangling Her Boyfriends The reader can rest assured she’s eventually, and in fine style, yet none of the pretension.

And then it turns out nothing at the scene’s what it seems, or at any rate nobody’s who they seem.

Fruit Pie with a Side of Danger Danger in Treasure Cove Cozy Mystery Book 2

- And pie. A shocking family admission. A murder with dozens of suspects. Lots of pie. After orchestrating the biggest Ponzi scheme in Treasure Cove history, Roger Osgood has no shortage of enemies. So, when roger turns up dead shortly after being released from prison, there are plenty of suspects to wade through.

The question becomes, will sabrina carlson and her detective husband be able to track down the killer? Or will this case go cold?Find out by buying a copy of Fruit Pie with a Side of Danger right now! A mysterious threat.