Double Star

Or making science fiction movies. Double star is considered by many to be the finest of his titles. When he encounters a space-pilot who offers him a drink, before he knows what is going on, he is on Mars involved in a deep conspiracy with global consequences. And double star is an excellent example of all the reasons why.

Connie Willis. Many of heinlein’s fans consider the novels he wrote in the fifties amongst the author’s strongest work; when he was at the peak of his talents. He is given a mission where failure would not only mean his own death, it would almost certainly mean an all-out planetary war. Heinlein’s novels of the 1940s and 50s shaped every single science fiction writer of my generation and everyone currently writing science fiction.

Brian aldiss called it his “most enjoyable novel. Whether it is the simplicity of a lively tale, or the depth of characterization, the complexity of the situation, the book has developed a loyal following. It also won Heinlein his first Hugo. The story revolves around lawrence smith—also known as “Lorenzo the Great”—a down-and-out actor wasting the remainder of his life in bars.


The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

Heinlein's greatest works, the moon is a harsh Mistress rose from the golden age of science fiction to become an undisputed classic—and a touchstone for the philosophy of personal responsibility and political freedom. A revolution on a lunar penal colony—aided by a self-aware supercomputer—provides the framework for a story of a diverse group of men and women grappling with the ever-changing definitions of humanity, technology, and free will—themes that resonate just as strongly today as they did when the novel was first published.

The moon is a harsh mistress gives readers an extraordinary, thought-provoking glimpse into the mind of Robert A. Heinlein, who, even now, “shows us where the future is” Tom Clancy. For fans of artemis—the visionary tour de force from “one of the grand masters of science fiction” The Wall Street Journal.

Widely acknowledged as one of Robert A.

Starship Troopers

And if the training doesn’t kill you, the Bugs are more than ready to finish the job. A classic…if you want a great military adventure, this one is for you. All scifi Starship Troopers. In robert A. But now that he’s in the thick of it, trying to get through combat training harder than anything he could have imagined, he knows everyone in his unit is one bad move away from buying the farm in the interstellar war the Terran Federation is waging against the Arachnids.

Because everyone in the Mobile Infantry fights. Heinlein’s controversial hugo award-winning bestseller, a recruit of the future goes through the toughest boot camp in the Universe—and into battle against mankind’s most alarming enemy. Johnnie rico never really intended to join up—and definitely not the infantry.


Stranger in a Strange Land

Robert heinlein's hugo award-winning all-time masterpiece, the brilliant novel that grew from a cult favorite to a bestseller to a science fiction classic. Raised by martians on mars, Valentine Michael Smith is a human who has never seen another member of his species. Sent to earth, he is a stranger who must learn what it is to be a man.

Starship Troopers. But his own beliefs and his powers far exceed the limits of humankind, and as he teaches them about grokking and water-sharing, he also inspires a transformation that will alter Earth’s inhabitants forever.

Red Planet

Heinlein had originally intended to be published. Heinlein’s iconic red planet tells the story of jim Marlowe and Frank Sutton’s journey to the Lowe Academy boarding school on Mars, and the discoveries they make there that could impact the future of their entire colony. While on their way to the prestigious school, along with Jim’s volleyball-sized native pet, meets one of the sentient Martians, Gekko, Willis the Bouncer, Jim and Frank, when they wander into forbidden territory.

What they encounter along the way not only has them questioning everything they know, about Willis and the mysterious Martian race, but the ramifications of their actions are more profound in this edition of Red Planet, which has restored the ending Robert A. The martian setting is logically constructed and rich in convincing detail while the characters are engaging and the action develops naturally.

Jack williamsonmarking the first appearance of the Martian elder race that played such a prominent role in Stranger in a Strange Land, Robert A. Howe, prompt the boys to run away from school, to warn their parents and the rest of their colony. Starship Troopers. Howe, who confiscates Willis, claiming it is against school rules to have pets.

. When the boys go to rescue him, they get more than they are bargained for when the little Bouncer’s eidetic memory for sounds—which he can accurately reproduce like a recording—reveals the colonial administrator of Mars’ nefarious plan for the colony, which he overheard during his confinement.

The Puppet Masters Baen Science Fiction

Unfortunately, that was just before he was taken over by one of the aliens and began working for the invaders, with no will of his own. Heinlein, the best-selling Grand Master of Science Fiction, Could Tell It. And most of Iowa is already under their control. And four more agents who were sent in also disappeared.

Sam cavanaugh was one of the agents who discovered the truth. Case closed. What the slugs want, no matter what, the human will do. Except that two agents of the most secret intelligence agency in the U. S. Then came the announcement that the whole thing was a hoax. Now in Mass Market. One of the most influential writers in American literature.

The new york Times Book Review. First came the news that a flying saucer had landed in Iowa. Since the treasury department includes the Secret Service, which safeguards the President of the United States, control of the entire nation is near at hand. What the humans know, they know. Government were on the scene and disappeared without reporting in.

Starship Troopers.

Time Enough for Love

Maureen Johnson. Woodrow Wilson Smith. Ira howard Foundation. Heinlein's longest and most ambitious work, it is the story of a man so in love with Life that he refused to stop living it; and so in love with Time that he became his own ancestor. Starship Troopers. Andrew Jackson Libby. Future History. The capstone and crowning achievement of  the Future History series,  from the New York Times bestselling Grand Master of Science Fiction.

. Time enough for love follows Lazarus Long through a vast and magnificent timescape of centuries and worlds.

The Rolling Stones

Woodrow Wilson Smith. Stone, an M. D. Even further out, was needed to treat a dangerous outbreak of disease, to Titan and beyond. Unforgettable Heinlein characters on an unforgettable adventure. Not only america's premier writer of speculative fiction, but the greatest writer of such fiction in the world". Stephen king Comprehensive Teacher's Guide available.

. One of heinlein’s Best-Loved Works. Maureen Johnson. By “one of the most influential writers in American literature. The new york Times Book Review. The rollicking adventures of the Stone Family on a tour of the Solar System. Starship Troopers. Andrew Jackson Libby. Future History. Their father thought that was a fine, idea, except that he and grandma hazel bought the spaceship and the whole Stone Family were on their way out into the far reaches of the Solar System, it turned out, with stops on Marswhere the twins got a lesson in the interplanetary economics of bicycles and the adorable little critters called flatcats who, bred like rabbits; or perhaps, Tribbles.


Between Planets

Woodrow Wilson Smith. He had been skeptical about the talk of interplanetary war breaking out if Mars and Venus followed through on their threats to declare independence from Earth, but he was wrong. Then there was the ring that an old family friend had given him just before he had left Earth. When earth troops landed on venus and started looking for Don and that mysterious ring, he realized that he was trapped in the center of a war between worlds that could change the fate of the Solar System forever! Starship Troopers.

A sweeping Story of Interplanetary War. The grand Master of Science Fiction. One of the most influential writers in American literature. The new york Times Book Review. Don harvey was attending school on Earth when his parents suddenly and urgently called him home to Mars. Andrew Jackson Libby. Ira howard Foundation.

Maureen Johnson. War broke out, and he was stuck on Venus, with no way of getting home. Used book in Good Condition. Shortly afterward, the friend had been questioned by Earth’s secret police and had died—from “heart failure, ” they claimed.


Thrust into one calamity after another, she uses her enhanced wits and very many skills to evade, seduce or even kill her way out of any sticky situation she finds herself in. Maureen Johnson. As an ap—artificial person—the best humanity has to offer has been written into Friday’s DNA. Yet she is often treated like a second class citizen—if she were ever able to claim citizenship.

Used book in Good Condition. Her mother was the test tube and her father the knife, and no soul, so she has less rights than the biologically-born human, as the saying goes, according to the church. Andrew Jackson Libby. This one should fly. Publishers weekly “one of heinlein’s best, which is to say one of the best in all of Science Fiction—terrific story with a superbly realized heroine and world.

Poul anderson Friday is a secret courier and ardent lover. But in friday heinlein has created one of the most enlightened, warm, engaging and humane characters in the science fiction field, gifting us a novel of female empowerment that was well ahead of its time. Ira howard Foundation. One of heinlein’s best, which is to say one of the best in all of Science Fiction—terrific story with a superbly realized heroine and world.

Poul anderson Starship Troopers. Future History.

Space Cadet

Only the best and brightest--the strongest and the most courageous--ever manage to become Space Cadets, at the Space Academy. Used book in Good Condition. A provocative parallel to Heinlein's famous later novel, Starship Troopers which is about the military. Starship Troopers. Andrew Jackson Libby. They are in training to be come part of the elite guard of the solar system, accepting missions others fear, taking risks no others dare, and upholding the peace of the solar system for the benefit of all.

But before matt dodson can earn his rightful place in the ranks, his mettle is to be tested in the most severe and extraordinary ways--ways that change him forever, from the midwestern American boy into a man of the Solar Patrol. Ira howard Foundation. Future History. Woodrow Wilson Smith. Space cadet is the seminal novel of a young man's education as a member of an elite, the Solar Patrol, paternalistic non-military organization of leaders dedicated to preserving human civilization, from the science fiction grandmaster.

. Maureen Johnson.