Ergo Auto Pet Feeder, Large

Ergo Systems 2000GL #ad - The unit consists of a storage container, a feeding bowl and an 8 setting programmable digital timer. Pet food does not have to be emptied from the storage container to clean bowl. Slow dispensing of food prevents the feed from piling up and also prevents the pets from eating too fast and suffering from indigestion and bloat.

All feeders feature digital timers with battery backup for programs, manual override switch, 8 program settings per day and daylight saving feature. The large autopetFeeder holds 20 lbs of dry pet food. Other sizes are available to accommodate for different size pets. The large autopetfeeder is designed for food pellet size of 7/8 inch max and any shaped food.

Ergo Auto Pet Feeder, Large #ad - The large autopetfeeder is designed for feeding medium size pets Pet weight greater than 25 lbs at per-determined times of day and preset quantity of food. This is very convenient to feed diabetic pets and pets with eating disorders. A flexible stainless tube sheath coated with plastic protects the power cord and prevents pets from chewing on the cord.

Helps Diabetes Pets. An agitator in the medium unit provides for ease of food flow to the auger for larger size food. The digital timer can be programmed to feed pets up to 8 times a day, all through the week and throughout the year.


Ergo Systems Auto Pet Feeder, Medium, Gray

Ergo 2000GM #ad - Pet food does not have to be emptied from the storage container to clean bowl. Ul and cUL approved. Metal over molded self-lubricating nylon auger prevents jamming and provides a smoother and quieter performance. Safety interlock switch and safety baskets disable the feeder in the event that the storage container is removed.

Unlike vertical augers in other automatic dog feeders, Ergo's dog feeder has a horizontal feed auger system, which provides precise control over feed rate. Clear storage containers on feeders enable visibility from all angles and far distances. Ergo's feeder has a compact and pleasing design. The precise feeding of food is accomplished with this feeder by using high torque synchronous motor.

Ergo Systems Auto Pet Feeder, Medium, Gray #ad - . Veterinarian recommended for diabetic pets. Food agitator is included in large and medium feeders to prevent food from getting stale. Ergo's pet feeders have stainless steel protective sheathing on the cord to prevent pets from chewing the cord. You can feed you pet at appropriate time. The large opening in the food store bin of the feeders enable easy restocking of pet food.

This pet feeder comes with a detachable bowl for easy cleaning.