Game Knight - The rules were simple; they could come for him anytime they wanted, and if he resisted, someone close to him would die. A twisted clash of fight Club and Game of Thrones where the only way to survive is to never stop playing. At first he thought it was a dream, then it became a living nightmare as he found himself night after night having to fight in abandoned shopping malls, dark alleys and swamps on the outskirts of civilization.

Game knight is a fast-paced novella of action and suspense by Andrew Mayne, ranked the fifth best-selling independent author of the year by Amazon UK and star of A&E’s Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne. The first time they came for kevin he woke up in a forest on the edge of town with a sword and only seconds to save his life before a lunatic with a battle axe nearly split his skull.

Knight School

- Central among them is Venn Maddox, the youngest student to ever lead a clan in the game. Brilliant and manipulative, some think he’s a sociopath who may have killed to protect his own secrets. New kid, marv whitlock, already dealing with his own troubles, finds himself in the middle of the decade old conflict and has to use his wits to avoid being one more pawn.

Bestselling author andrew mayne, brings you Knight School, an adventurous cross of Friday Night Lights and Game of Thrones. It started as a game. At ellison high school the student body’s favorite sport is waging medieval warfare with their rivals over a hidden fortune. To win, they have to battle for control of the forest and obey a code of conduct to keep their war from spilling into the outside world.

Knight School - The woods between the schools are filled with dangers and dark secrets.

Hollywood Pharaohs

- With an irresistible client who won’t take “no” for an answer, if the job doesn’t get him killed, she just might. Hollywood pharaohs has been described as a fast-paced love child of The Big Lebowski and Indiana Jones. Mike ray, former cop and body-double for a world famous action star, was ready to put show business behind him when he was asked to do one last favor for Hollywood’s hottest new actress.

All he has to do is find her the necklace from a forgotten film and not get killed in the process. From the insane house parties of malibu and the reclusive mansions of Beverly Hills to the scorching California desert, Mike finds himself in a scandal involving one of the world’s most eccentric billionaires, the Nevada Mafia and a sadistic Estonian porn kingpin.

Hollywood Pharaohs - To find the necklace he’ll have to blow the lid on a secret buried in the California desert that stretches back to ancient Egypt.

Public Enemy Zero

- An entire mall full of unassuming shoppers. They all want to murder Mitch in a blind rage when he's in their presence. As mitch attempts to unravel the mystery around his situation, he learns quickly that rabid strangers and friends aren’t his only predators. I will definitely be checking out the other Andrew Mayne titles on Kindle.

Robert gemienhardt“i think it's the mark of great sci-fi that despite the imagined elements that drive the plot, the characters and the situations feel real. The helpless girl who needs help changing her tire. Public enemy Zero accomplishes this beautifully. Jeremy Lusk. The world is out to kill Mitchell Roberts.

Public Enemy Zero - His petty ex-girlfriend and her new mate. Police attempt to hunt him down by any means necessary and his every move is tracked by a shadowy government official with a secret to protect. He'll need to use every resource he has, from the advice of a paranoid late night radio host, to his Twitter account and find out why he's become Public Enemy Zero.

Top five high-tech amazon best seller “a fast paced thriller that I literally couldn't put down.

The Grendel's Shadow

- T. R. The grendel's shadow is 35, steampunk, 000 word novella mixing elements of post singularity science fiction, horror and western. Westwood: distinguished professor of biology and the galaxy's greatest hunter is in for the biggest challenge of his career. When an unknown animal starts killing off settlers on a backwater planet run on coal and steam power, he's the only person who can help stop the slaughter.

Rocks and spears or shotguns and canons, he'll use whatever is allowed to get the job done. In a post-singularity future where the human race has spread to millions of worlds, sometimes the native animal population isn’t exactly compatible with our expanding civilization. Taking advantage of a mind as sharp as his aim, Westwood is the only man you call if local wildlife gets out of control and starts devouring your local population.

The Martian Emperor A Chronological Man Adventure The Chronological Man Book 2

- The thrilling second chronological man adventure!when a giant airship descends on New York City in 1892 and threatens destruction if the world doesn’t submit to the Martian flag, it’s up to the mysterious Smith, inventor and adventurer to find out what forces are at work. From the dangerous basement fan-tan parlors of chinatown to the top of the Statue of Liberty’s torch, April Malone, Smith and his brilliant assistant, will have to unravel the clues and avoid danger lurking behind every corner.

. To stop the menace they’ll need to enlist the help of Theodore Roosevelt and other early twentieth-century heroes. The second book in the chronological man series, The Martian Emperor combines mystery, airship battles and backroom Tammany Hall politics against the backdrop of a world on the verge of war.

The Monster in the Mist A Chronological Man Adventure The Chronological Man Book 1

- They'll have to face off against a secret society, corrupt policemen and a mad psychologist hell-bent on dissecting Smith, in order to solve the mystery of what's going on and to save the city from an even more sinister threat. It’s the first story of smith, a hard science fiction time traveler with more than a enough quirk to last him several centuries.

The public is frightened. The exciting first chronological Man Adventure!It's 1890 and the citizens of Boston are beginning to go missing in the fog. The police are confounded. A fast-paced 45, 000 word tale of scientific adventure combines elements of DOCTOR WHO, SHERLOCK HOLMES and TONY STARK set against turn-of-the-century Boston’s soot-stained streets.

The Monster in the Mist A Chronological Man Adventure The Chronological Man Book 1 - Mayne's books just keep better! the chronological man: the monster in the Mist was excellent! It had well written characters, good dialog and a great story to be told!” - Simone Allyne“In many ways I enjoyed it better than the canonical Doctor Who books. Joseph Rochetto. The city is on the edge of hysteria.

It's up to the mysterious smith, to figure out what's going on with the help of his assistant, inventor and adventurer, April Malone.

Orbital Station Breaker Book 2 - For astronaut david dixon, sneaking aboard a russian space station and stealing a nuclear bomb was the easy part – now he has to survive re-entry on an untested inflatable heat shield and then deal with the aftermath of being the most wanted man on Earth. When a clandestine intelligence agency offers david the chance to return to space and probably not get killed – he finds himself in a world of intrigue when a secret mission takes an unexpected turn as he goes undercover on an orbiting science platform in order to track down the spymaster known as Silverback.

Orbital is a fast-paced blend of space action and mystery thriller set in the fast-emerging aerospace age.

Station Breaker

- Dixon’s survival relies on his skills as a pilot and willingness to do whatever it takes – crashing a passenger jet into the Mexican desert to pulling off an incredible heist in Low Earth Orbit. If space doesn't kill David Dixon, Earth will. Tom clancy meets Gravity. Dennis Owens Jr. The love child of The Martian and Jason Bourne.

C. His novel, angel killer was the sixth best-selling independent KDP title of the year on Amazon UK. A cutting edge technothriller from the bestselling author of Angel Killer and Public Enemy Zero. Astronaut david dixon's first mission to space goes horribly wrong when shots are fired on a Russian space station.

Station Breaker - He finds himself making an emergency landing from orbit and becomes the most wanted man on Earth. His jessica blackwood series is currently being developed for television by 20th Century Fox and Temple Hill. Cadenhead“this is what science fiction was meant to be. Michael jacobsandrew mayne, star of a&e's Don't Trust Andrew Mayne, is a magician and ITW Thriller Award nominated author.

Desperate to unravel the plot he’s found himself in, he takes his pursuers on a wild chase from space to the backstreets of Rio and beyond.

Name of the Devil: A Jessica Blackwood Novel

Bourbon Street Books - In this electrifying sequel to angel Killer, magician-turned-FBI-agent Jessica Blackwood must channel her past to catch a killer consumed by a desire for revenge. When a church combusts in rural Appalachia, the bizarre trail of carnage suggests diabolical forces are at work. Charged with explaining the inexplicable, the FBI's Dr.

Ailes and agent knoll once again turn to the ace up their sleeve: Agent Jessica Blackwood, a former prodigy from a family dynasty of illusionists. Her talent and experience endow her with a knack for knowing when things are not always as they appear to be, and she soon realizes this explosion is just the first of many crimes.

As the death toll mounts, jessica discovers the victims share a troubling secret with far-reaching implications that stretch from the hills of West Virginia to cartel-corrupted Mexico to the hallowed halls of the Vatican. After playing a pivotal role in the capture of the Warlock, a seemingly supernatural serial killer, Jessica can no longer ignore the world, and the skills, she left behind.

Name of the Devil: A Jessica Blackwood Novel - Can jessica draw on her unique understanding of the power and potential of deception to thwart a murderer determined to avenge the past? Everyone involved in what happened on that horrible night so long ago has tried to bury it—except for one person, who believes that the past can be hidden, but never forgiven.

Black Fall Jessica Blackwood

Harper Paperbacks - Enthralling. Once resenting her eccentric grandfather, a brilliant magician in his own right, Jessica now sees him as a mentor and regularly seeks his advice about her work. But jessica’s routine surveillance operation becomes a fight for survival when a disturbed young woman, clutching a baby, shows up at the stake-out location and threatens to kill her child.

Something so twisted, only one person could be behind it…the Warlock.        . Nobel prize-winning physicist peter Devon has been dead for eight years, yet here he is on camera, predicting the location and date of the earthquake. The author, a professional magician, makes the impossible seem probable in this twisty, clever treat.

Black Fall Jessica Blackwood - Publishers weeklyin black fall, magician-turned-fbi agent jessica blackwood investigates a series of seemingly unrelated, crimes that lead her to the Colorado desert and a town that has, simply, but equally bizarre and sinister, the third book in the ITW Award-nominated series that began with self-published eBook phenomenon Angel Killer, disappeared.

With two big cases under her belt, FBI Agent Jessica Blackwood is learning to embrace her unconventional past as the rising star in a family dynasty of illusionists. Her talent and experience endow her with a unique understanding of the power and potential of deception, and a gift for knowing when things are not always as they appear to be.

Ailes, but when detective aileen lewis reports that they’ve found a Jane Doe who matches her description of her attacker, she’s torn between professional duty and a personal desire to find out who the woman was, and why she was killed.