Heirs and Assigns The Herbert Reardon Historical Mysteries Book 3

Severn House #ad - But the morning after what should have been a convivial supper party, their host is found dead in his bed—and the circumstances look decidedly suspicious. Detective inspector herbert reardon’s debut mystery “will delight fans of the TV series Downton Abbey” Library Journal, starred review. Readers will be as keen as the inspector to see how the case develops.

Publishers weekly   “this delightful British country-house mystery features a clever plot, captivating characters, and authentic period detail. Booklist   “Plenty of suspects and unexpected twists. Kirkus reviews   “will delight fans of the tv series Downton Abbey and authors Simon Brett and Kate Kingsbury” —Library Journal starred review.

Heirs and Assigns The Herbert Reardon Historical Mysteries Book 3 #ad - Family and friends have gathered at the Shropshire country home of Penrose Llewellyn to celebrate the retired wealthy businessman’s 60th birthday. November, 1928. Those who stand to inherit most from Pen Llewellyn’s will—if it can be found—are under the strongest suspicion, and among them hides a ruthless killer.

As he questions the victim’s nearest and dearest, dI Herbert Reardon discovers there are several longstanding secrets lurking amongst the Llewellyn clan—and he is convinced that not everyone is telling him the truth, or at least not the whole truth.


The Voyage Out

Open Road Media #ad - With an appearance by clarissa dalloway—and a fateful encounter between her husband and Rachel—Virginia Woolf’s debut novel anticipates the groundbreaking brilliance of her later works while displaying all their wit, insight, and heartbreaking sensitivity. Woolf has the diversity of power which makes the great writer of narrative.

New republic  this ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices. For all its tragic interest, the voyage Out is not low-keyed; it even has a slight buoyancy of tone, as if clear perception itself brought a continual zest to its writer. Dalloway E. M. Aboard her father’s cargo ship, her aunt and uncle, young Rachel Vinrace meets Helen and Ridley Ambrose, who invite her to join them at a South American resort for the winter.

The Voyage Out #ad - As poignant as anything in modern fiction”: An English girl comes of age on a journey to South America in this debut novel by the author of Mrs.  . Forster. Shy and introspective, rachel tentatively agrees, and soon finds herself on a voyage of liberation and self-discovery as she experiences the excitement and calamity of young love.


Silence and Circumstance

Untreed Reads Publishing #ad - Did the great writer really just “black out, ” only to somehow reappear days later at a spa hotel? Could she be a pawn trapped in an international mystery? Or was she the puppet-master?   The adventure unfolds through the perspective of Christie’s trusted governess, Charlotte “Carlo” Fisher.

After receiving a mysterious letter, Charlotte embarks on a harrowing quest, aided by many of the famous and elite of the twentieth century. Historical fact and tantalizing fiction merge in this unique interwar thriller about Agatha Christie’s mysterious disappearance in 1926. With a dizzying cast of characters that includes Dorothy Parker, Pablo Picasso, Lillian Hellman, J.

Silence and Circumstance #ad - R. R. Tolkien, and many others, this historical adventure delves into the shadows of mysterious societies, where it appears something dark is rising .  .  . While sir arthur conan doyle and his protégé, ian fleming, speed towards Istanbul on the Orient Express in search of Agatha’s diary, Charlotte discovers clues that dispatch her to Berlin where she stumbles into a world gone mad.

When agatha christie disappeared for eleven days in December, 1926, all of England was abuzz with speculation.


The Property of Lies: A 1930s' historical mystery A Herbert Reardon Mystery Book 4

Severn House Publishers #ad - His wife ellen having just accepted a job as French teacher, Reardon is alarmed to find the school a hotbed of scandalous secrets, suppressed passions, petty jealousies and wanton schoolgirl cruelty. Di herbert reardon is drawn into a world of secrets and lies when a body is discovered at a girls’ boarding school.

When a body is discovered on the premises of the newly-established Maxstead Court School for Girls, Detective Inspector Herbert Reardon is called in to investigate. Who was she really – and why is reardon convinced that more than one member of staff is not telling him the whole truth? Then a pupil goes missing – and the case takes a disturbing new twist ….

The Property of Lies: A 1930s' historical mystery A Herbert Reardon Mystery Book 4 #ad - 1930 As he pursues his enquiries, it becomes clear that the dead woman was not who – or what – she claimed to be.


Number Seventeen: A Tale of Intrigue and Murder in London

Skyhorse Publishing #ad - It’s just off charing cross road that writer Frank Theydon first notices the distinguished gentleman dashing for cover in the rain. From the early twentieth century master of British detective fiction comes “a rattling good mystery” featuring Scotland Yard’s Winter and Furneaux The New York Times.

First published in 1916, number seventeen is a classic entry in the long-running series of mysteries featuring Winter and Furneaux by Louis Tracy, one of the best-kept secrets of post–Edwardian era crime fiction. Charles furneaux, Thayer is determined to find the answers .  .  . But the next morning, when she’s found brutally murdered, Thayer sees the stranger once more.

Number Seventeen: A Tale of Intrigue and Murder in London #ad - Superintendent James Winter and his unflappable French partner, Insp. Or is he? thayer may have a wild imagination, but he can’t shake the feeling that he’s being followed. As it turns out, who’s scheduled an interview with Thayer, the distinguished stranger is millionaire philanthropist James Forbes, unaware that their paths have already crossed.

. Soon after, paying a late-night visit to his neighbor, Thayer sees him again, the widow Lester. Even if it kills him. When he least expects it.


The Firebird's Feather

Severn House #ad - Was lydia really the killer’s intended target? is there a link to her russian heritage? Why had she been behaving so strangely in recent weeks? Was she having an affair?   As Kitty determines to uncover the truth and wonders exactly whom she can trust, she learns that the household in which she lives harbors a number of dangerous secrets.

And eighteen-year-old kitty Challoner is looking forward to ‘coming out’ in London society. The suffragettes are campaigning for women to get the vote. The east End seethes with unrest. But kitty’s secure, sheltered world is about to be torn apart. A sheltered young woman postpones her entry into Edwardian society to solve the untimely demise of her mother.

The Firebird's Feather #ad - Solid writing, an engaging heroine, authentic period ambience, and some unexpected twists make this an entertaining and satisfying read for all historical-mystery buffs. Booklist   “well-drawn characters, inventive plotting, and a touch of romance distinguish this lively historical. Publishers weekly   “eccles once again combines history and romance with a clever mystery filled with a wide array of suspects.

Kirkus Reviews. The new king, George V, is preparing for his coronation. London, may, 1911. Lydia challoner is shot dead while out riding in Hyde Park, and during the ensuing murder investigation Kitty discovers that there was so much she didn’t know about her mother.


Dangerous Deceit, A

Severn House Publishers #ad - Meanwhile, margaret rees-talbot is preparing for her wedding to the Rev Symon Scroope - to the disapproval of some residents of the small market town of Folbury, who think it's too soon after the death of Margaret's father Osbert, found drowned in his bath a few months previously. February, 1927. An accident - or was there more to it than that?Before he died, Osbert had been writing an account of his experiences as a soldier during the Second Boer War.

But what really happened in south Africa back in 1902? Could there be a connection to his death?Then a second death occurs. The remains of an unidentified middle-aged man are found beneath the snow in the grounds of Maxtead Court, home of the wealthy Scroope family. And it becomes increasingly clear to the investigating DI Herbert Reardon that at least one Folbury resident has a shocking secret to hide.



Severn House #ad - They will encounter hardship, and wonderfully sharp attention to detail” Booklist, heartache—and unexpected love—in a saga filled with “compelling characters, interesting historical facts, realistic situations, danger, starred review. To lady adelaide’s dismay, her younger daughter, Millie, learns to drive an ambulance: a most unladylike skill.

Meanwhile, millie’s sister finds fulfilment in helping the local wives and children left destitute while their husbands are away fighting. Fans of downton abbey and upstairs, downstairs will be captivated” by this novel of an aristocratic family at the dawn of the First World War Booklist, starred review.

Meadowlands #ad - . Over the following months, as the male estate workers head for the front and the maids disappear to work in the newly opened munitions factory, the Barsham family’s comfortable, aristocratic lifestyle is set to change forever. Determined to do his bit for king and country, James Barsham enlists as an officer and heads for Flanders, Polly, leaving Lady Adelaide’s maid, devastated.

August, 1914: the silver wedding celebrations of Sir George Barsham, MP, Lady Adelaide, and his wife, have been overshadowed by the declaration of war with Germany. During the course of the war, as devastating losses mount, the strength of character of the four Barsham siblings will be tested as never before.


The Fateful Marriage Lady Fan Mystery Book 6

Sapere Books #ad - A brand new mystery featuring lady Fan! For fans of Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Barbara Erskine and Jane Austen. Wherever lady fan goes, murder follows…1791, EnglandLady Ottilia and Lord Francis Fanshawe are holidaying in Tunbridge Wells when they stumble across the scene of a horrific accident. While visiting the high rocks, a local tourist spot, a young woman falls to her death from the top of the climb.

It soon becomes clear that the woman is linked to the infamous Dowager Viscountess Lady Wem – an indomitable matriarch visiting Tunbridge with her extended family. The young woman was at the centre of a scandal – Lady Wem’s grandson, Daniel, eloped with her three years prior. As lady fan is introduced to the family her suspicions are aroused.

The Fateful Marriage Lady Fan Mystery Book 6 #ad - Was the fall a devastating mishap? or could the woman have been pushed?lady fan must unravel dark family secrets in her quest for the truth…THE FATEFUL MARRIAGE is the sixth book in the Lady Fan Mystery series: historical romance murder mysteries with a courageous women sleuth embarking on a traditional British, private investigation in eighteenth-century London.

The late regency writer georgette heyer lives—and she's writing mysteries as elizabeth bailey!’ - meritorious Mysteries ‘Ottilia is a strong, and murders as well! Her heroine sleuth, Ottilia, plus continuing characters you can really come to love, intelligent character with a real enthusiasm for detective work’ – She Reads Novels‘They have everything you love in romances, is a fantastic character.

Historical romance uklady fan historical mystery seriesbook one: the gilded shroudbook two: the deathly portentbook three: the opium purge BOOK FOUR: The Candlelit CoffinBOOK FIVE: The Mortal BlowBOOK SIX: The Fateful Marriage.


The White Shepherd The Anna Hopkins Mysteries Book 1

Severn House #ad - Naomi was targeted because of what she knew. Dalton is the author of more than thirty novels for children and young adults, including the Angels Unlimited series. This classic british whodunit—book one in the Oxford Dogwalkers’ Mystery series—“will delight Susan Conant and Laurien Berenson fans” Library Journal.

With the official investigation heading in the wrong direction, Anna teams up with fellow dog walkers Isadora Salzman and Tansy Lavelle to discover the truth. For anna it’s a double shock. An inventive plot, charismatic characters, and even some black humor combine to make this a good choice for suspense junkies.

The White Shepherd The Anna Hopkins Mysteries Book 1 #ad - Booklist   “dalton’s adult mystery debut is filled with amusing characters. Kirkus Reviews. From her previous interactions with Naomi, Anna is convinced that she was not the random victim of a senseless murder, as the police believe. She has twice been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. Naomi evans, a professional researcher working on a book about a famous Welsh poet, had offered to help Anna trace Bonnie’s original owner.

Anna hopkins’s daily walk through oxford’s picturesque Port Meadow is rudely interrupted one autumn morning when her white German Shepherd, Bonnie, unearths a blood-soaked body in the undergrowth. She knew the victim. This mystery series for adult readers is an intriguing departure for award-winning YA writer Annie Dalton.


The Red Carnelian

Open Road Media Romance #ad -  . There he is, as cold and lifeless as a mannequin, his skull pulverized with a golf club: valued store manager Michael “Monty” Montgomery. Now, she’s working after hours to find a killer, and she has more to lose than her job. But as everyone at cunningham’s knows, finding someone who didn’t want Monty dead would be tough.

Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. When a second murder throws the store detective off track, Linell is plunged into the investigation. And while red might be the color for the new spring season, Linell never expected to see quite so much of it.  .  . But she’s at a loss for words when, after closing time, she finds a corpse in a window display.

The Red Carnelian #ad - The recipient of an agatha award for lifetime Achievement, “Phyllis Whitney is, and always will be, the Grand Master of her craft” Barbara Michaels. Linell had a history with the too-charming-to-be-believed victim—and being intimately acquainted with his cruel side has made her a suspect in his murder.

Linell wynn, copywriter for Chicago department store Cunningham’s, knows how to put a clever spin on everything. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. A chicago department store is the scene of gruesome crime in this mystery by a New York Times–bestselling Edgar Award winner.