Richard Burton: Prince of Players

Skyhorse - This first-ever look at the real Richard Burton is a must-read for any follower of film, history, and the rise of celebrity in America. Skyhorse publishing, sports publishing, Good Books, autobiographies, is proud to publish a broad range of biographies, and Yucca imprints, along with our Arcade, and memoirs.

Burton made sure that he sipped the cup of life at its fullest. Burton was known for his charisma, his explosive temper, above all, and, his excessive carousing, his stunning command of stage and screen. Simpson. The details of these licit and illicit relationships with Hollywood’s most iconic stars will titillate and shock both newcomers to Burton’s story and those already familiar with his fame.

Richard Burton: Prince of Players - The whirlwind life of one of old Hollywood’s biggest stars. From the depths of a small mining village in Wales to a star of Hollywood’s silver screen, Richard Burton broke every rule in his quest for the American Dream. J. We have also published survivor stories of World War II, first-hand tales of adventure, memoirs about overcoming adversity, and much more.

While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home. Munn’s biography covers everything from burton’s early days on the London stage, to his star performance in Broadway’s Camelot, to his wild nights in Hollywood with the likes of Errol Flynn, Peter O’Toole, and Frank Sinatra.

Twice married to elizabeth Taylor, he is now revealed to have been one of Marilyn Monroe’s secret lovers.

Charlton Heston: Hollywood's Last Icon

Dey Street Books - Eliot traces heston’s pioneering work in live television, his being discovered by Hollywood because of it, and tells the amazing saga of his three films for Cecil B. He also examines heston’s long political involvements, from being one of the organizers of The Arts Contingent of Marchers who joined with Martin Luther King, Jr.

Written by new york times bestselling, and heston’s private papers, steve mcqueen, friends,  and others - with unprecedented access to the family, journal, writings and estate, Jack Nicholson, Walt Disney, Clint Eastwood, diaries, prize-winning author Marc Eliot - Cary Grant, he tells an unforgettable tale of an extraordinary life you may find difficult to put down.

Eliot's biography is rich with facts details and anecdotal material that bring to life the complex story of this most iconic of American popular cultural giants to illuminate Heston's greatest achievements and his personal failures. For the march on washington, to his late-in-life presidency of the national Rifle Association, to his mentoring under Ronald Reagan for eventual presidency of the Screen Actors Guild, all the while being asked by both Republican and Democratic Parties to run for the United States Senate.

Charlton Heston: Hollywood's Last Icon - With unprecedented cooperation with heston’s family, documents and hand-written letters,  charlton Heston: Hollywood’s Last Icon for the first time tells the real story of Charlton’s Heston’s amazing life, detailed, an incisive, and never-before-seen personal photos, compelling portrayal, both for longtime fans, Hollywood movie lovers everywhere and a new college and TCM generation discovering Heston’s work for the first time.

Eliot follows heston through the genre of Science Fiction, which he helped revive with Planet of the Apes, and sheds new light on every one of Heston’s iconic films. This is the definitive biography of one of the most iconic, stage and theater lasted beyond the second half of the 20th Century, complex and enduring legends of Hollywood’s golden age, television, radio, whose major presence in American film, and whose classic films are known throughout the world.

Deconstructing Sammy: Music, Money, and Madness

HarperCollins e-books - For seven years sonny probed sammy's life to understand how someone of great notoriety and wealth could have lost everything, and in the process he came to understand Sammy as a man whose complexity makes for a riveting work of celebrity biography as cultural history. Matt birkbeck's serious work of investigative journalism unveils the extraordinary story of an international celebrity at the center of a confluence of entertainment, and organized crime, politics, and shows how even Sammy's outsized talent couldn't save him from himself.

It was as if Sammy had never existed. Sammy Davis Jr. Adored by millions over a six-decade-long career, he was considered an entertainment icon and a national treasure. Years later his wife, a once-vivacious woman and heir to one of the greatest entertainment legacies of the twentieth century, to make one last attempt to resolve Sammy's debts, Altovise, restore his estate, and with nowhere else to go, Albert "Sonny" Murray, was living in poverty, she turned to a former federal prosecutor, and revive his legacy.

Deconstructing Sammy: Music, Money, and Madness - But despite lifetime earnings that topped $50 million, Sammy died in 1990 near bankruptcy. Lived a storied life. His estate was declared insolvent, and there was no possibility of itever using Sammy's name or likeness again.

Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood

Crown Archetype - She has been hailed—along with marilyn monroe and Elizabeth Taylor—as one of the top three female movie stars in the history of film, making her a legend in her own lifetime and beyond. She sheds an unwavering light on natalie's complex relationships with James Dean, and Robert Wagner and reveals the two lost loves of Natalie's life, Raymond Burr, Elvis Presley, Warren Beatty, Frank Sinatra, whom her controlling mother prevented her from marrying.

The new york times bestselling definitive biography of Natalie Wood, Natasha is the haunting story of a vulnerable and talented actress whom many of us felt we knew. Author suzanne finstad conducted nearly four hundred interviews with Natalie's family, film crews, lovers, close friends, legendary costars, and virtually everyone connected with the investigation of her strange death.

But the story of what natalie endured, of what her life was like when the doors of the soundstages closed, has long been obscured. Natasha is based on years of exhaustive research into Natalie's turbulent life and mysterious drowning. We watched her mature on the movie screen before our eyes—in Miracle on 34th Street, Splendor in the Grass, Rebel Without a Cause, West Side Story, and on and on.

Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood - . Through these firsthand accounts from many who have never spoken publicly before, Finstad has reconstructed a life of emotional abuse and exploitation, poignancy, of almost unprecedented fame, great loneliness, and loss. Finstad tells this beauty's heartbreaking story with sensitivity and grace, revealing a complex and conflicting mix of fragility and strength in a woman who was swept along by forces few could have resisted.

Cary Grant: Dark Angel

Arcade - However, grant was also married five times and sustained a tortured, obsessive relationship with money. His signature jaw line and charismatic characters made him an American symbol. As his friend and co-star deborah Kerr wrote, he was “one of the most outstanding personalities in the history of the cinema.

”. In this beautifully illustrated and comprehensive book, Geoffrey Wansell traces the threads of both light and darkness in one of Holly-wood’s greatest stars. His films, the philadelphia story, including Bringing Up Baby, and North by Northwest, were timeless classics.

By Myself and Then Some

HarperCollins e-books - In her own frank and beautiful words, one of our most enduring actresses reveals the remarkable true story of a lifetime so rich with incident and achievement that Hollywood itself would be unable to adequately reproduce it. After tragically losing Bogart, she returned to New York and a brilliant career in the theatre.

. The product of an extraordinary mother and a loving extended family, she produced, with Humphrey Bogart, some of the most electric and memorable scenes in movie history. The epitome of grace, and wit, independence, Lauren Bacall continues to project an audacious spirit and pursue on-screen excellence.

By Myself and Then Some - A two-time tony winner, jason robards, she married and later divorced her second love, and never lost sight of the strength that made her a star. Now, thirty years after the publication of her original National Book Award–winning memoir, Bacall has added new material to her inspiring history.

His Way: An Unauthorized Biography Of Frank Sinatra

Bantam - Kitty kelley’s book has made all future Sinatra biographies virtually redundant. Los angeles Herald Examiner. The result is a stunning, often shocking exposé of a man as tortured as he was talented, as driven to self-destruction as he was to success. This unauthorized biography goes behind the iconic myth of Sinatra to expose the well-hidden side of one of the most celebrated—and elusive—public figures of our time.

. 1 new york times bestseller • with a new afterword by the author in honor of frank sinatra’s 100th birthday   This is the book that Frank Sinatra tried—but failed—to keep from publication, and it’s easy to understand why. Celebrated journalist kitty kelley spent three years researching government documents Mafia-related material, law-enforcement officers, colleagues, wiretaps, and secret testimony and interviewing more than 800 people in Sinatra’s life family, friends.

His Way: An Unauthorized Biography Of Frank Sinatra - Praise for his way   “The most eye-opening celebrity biography of our time. The new york times   “A compelling page-turner. Featuring a new afterword by the author, this fully documented, highly detailed biography—filled with revealing anecdotes—is the penetrating story of the explosively controversial and undeniably multitalented legend who ruled the entertainment industry for fifty years and continues to fascinate to this day.

The Best of American Heritage: Roosevelt

New Word City, Inc. - And in those twelve years, he did more than any president except Abraham Lincoln to change America. Here, assessing his place in history and exploring his marriage to eleanor, his struggle with polio, john lukacs, some of the country's greatest historians - James MacGregor Burns, William vanden Heuvel, Allan Nevins, his relationships with Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin, John Kenneth Galbraith, and Geoffrey Ward - bring FDR vividly to life, Joe Persico, his love of Hyde Park, Richard Ketchum, Thomas Fleming, and his complicated final days.

Franklin delano roosevelt led the united States through two of the most critical periods in our history - the Great Depression and World War II.

Clark Gable: A Biography

Crown Archetype - Clark gable arrived in hollywood after a rough-and-tumble youth, big-boned, and his breezy, everyman persona quickly made him the town’s king. He was a gambler among gamblers, and a lover to legions of the most attractive women in the most glamorous business in the world, including the great love of his life, a heavy drinker in the days when everyone drank seemingly all the time, Carole Lombard.

In this well-researched and revealing biography, Warren G. Selznick, lana turner, judy garland, jean harlow, Spencer Tracy, and Grace Kelly—as well as a vivid sense of the glamour and excess of mid-century Hollywood. Harris gives an exceptionally acute portrait of one of the most memorable actors in the history of motion pictures—whose intimates included such legends as Marilyn Monroe, Loretta Young, Joan Crawford, David O.

Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me

Modern Library - Except for moral and political issues that aroused in me a desire to speak out, for the sake of my children and myself, I have done my utmost throughout my life, to remain silent. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a Brando film will relish this book. Please note: this edition does not include photos. The result is an extraordinary book, ribald, absorbing, self-deprecating and completely frank account of the career, moving, at once funny, angry, both on-screen and off, of the greatest actor of our time.

But now, i have decided to tell the story of my life as best i can, in my seventieth year, so that my children can separate the truth from the myths that others have created about me, as myths are created about everyone swept up in the turbulent and distorting maelstrom of celebrity in our culture. To date there have been over a dozen books written about Marlon Brando, and almost all of them have been inaccurate, based on hearsay, sensationalist or prurient in tone.

Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me - This is marlon brando’s own story, and his reason for telling it is best revealed in his own words:“I have always considered my life a private affair and the business of no one beyond my family and those I love. Now, fifty years after his first appearance onstage in New York City, at last, the actor has told his life story, with the help of Robert Lindsey.

Not in Front of the Corgis: Secrets of Life Behind the Royal Curtains

Biteback Publishing - Are they just like us? or are they are a world apart? here are the answers to everything we've ever wondered about the royals: which programmes does the Queen watch on TV? What music did the Queen Mother listen to? Who can drive and who can't? What is it like to attend a dinner party thrown by Charles and Camilla? Who are the most popular and most unpopular! Royals to work for and why? Not in Front of the Corgis is the real Upstairs Downstairs - a unique and fascinating collection of all the secrets you ever wanted to know about the Royal Family.

. The windsors are england's most famous family, there are two families - one upstairs and one down - and nobody knows a Royal quite like a Royal servant, but what are they really like when they're out of the public gaze? Behind closed doors in every Royal residence, intimately acquainted as they are with every quirk, from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House, foible and eccentricity.

Not in Front of the Corgis: Secrets of Life Behind the Royal Curtains - And there are a fair few! this is the inside story of the Royal Family through the eyes of those who know them best, a sneak peek behind the ermine-trimmed curtains to reveal what they really get up to in their spare time.