The Lost Command Lost Starship Series Volume 2

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - They must find Professor Ludendorff before the New Men do. Starship victory--a faithful alien spacecraft guarding its shattered system for ten thousand years--agreed to come to Earth. The new men need Ludendorff's help so they can capture the alien starship. Now, captain Maddox and his crew have a new assignment.

But time is running out for the stranded, battered fleet. Worse for maddox, kidnapped by the enemy, Meta is missing, while the alien personality in the AI struggles to adjust to this new era. Maddox needs the neglected super-weapons repaired so he can rescue a Star Watch fleet trapped deep in enemy territory.

The Lost Command Lost Starship Series Volume 2 - Can maddox pull everyone together or will the brilliant new men win yet another stunning victory?  THE LOST COMMAND is the second book in the LOST STARSHIP SERIES. They're low on food, fuel and missiles.

The Lost Destroyer Lost Starship Series Volume 3

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - A silver pyramid in space ten thousand years old. The secrets of the mysterious New Men. Now begins a deadly race as Captain Maddox, the crew and Galyan are pitted against the masters of a centuries-old conspiracy. Human existence lies in the balance. A war like no other. Maddox doesn't know it yet, but the meeting isn't an accident.

Starship victory--earth's ancient, alien spacecraft--has won a smashing victory against the New Men, driving them from "C" Quadrant. On their way home, captain Maddox and his crew run into a vast machine trapped inside an ion storm. The lost destroyer is the third book in the lOST STARSHIP SERIES. There's a traitor aboard ship, implementing a secret plan, threatening to destroy everything Star Watch has achieved against the New Men.

The Lost Starship

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Over-sized paperback; no marks amovlrg6 Like new condition. Read once and not worn at all.

The Lost Colony Lost Starship Series Volume 4

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - The only one who can save humanity has been grounded. We fought the invading New Men to a standstill and defeated the alien Destroyer sent to obliterate Earth. Like new condition. What he isn't supposed to do is die. This time, however, Earth is going on the offensive. The worst should be over, but it's not. The lost colony is the fourth book in the LOST STARSHIP SERIES.

Admiral fletcher is headed to "C" Quadrant with a Grand Fleet. Worse, the new Men have found allies with an impenetrable stealth technology. He's found something unbelievable. He's to liberate the captured planets and find the enemy homeworld. Now, he needs starship victory--an ancient, alien spacecraft--the AI Galyan, Meta, Sergeant Riker and the others to help him tear the greatest secret of all from the enemy.

The Lost Colony Lost Starship Series Volume 4 - Read once and not worn at all. Maddox and his crew must succeed or humanity will drown in a sea of human extinction. Captain maddox is under suspicion because he's half New Man. But he's not going to stop. Perfect android replicas are impersonating high-level officials so trust is failing.

The Lost Patrol Lost Starship Series Volume 5

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - What they find threatens their sanity and unity. We must know the worst so we can prepare against the deadliest species in the galaxy. They're thousands of light-years from home, from any help. The lost patrol is the fifth book in the lOST STARSHIP SERIES. We learned a terrible secret last voyage, the Swarm exists.

Read once and not worn at all. Captain maddox heads into the Deep Beyond to find the Swarm Imperium. It has a monstrous imperium, expanding, evolving and receiving incredible Builder tech. Like new condition. The captain and his crew battle loneliness and the terror of the unknown as they hunt through the stellar darkness.

The Lost Patrol Lost Starship Series Volume 5 - They have to save the starship from what waits in the galactic darkness or the human race will die. It's going to take the best Maddox and the ancient AI Galyan has to offer to pull the crew together.

The Lost Planet Lost Starship Series Volume 6

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - The captain will need the AI Galyan, Valerie and Riker like never before. Ludendorff has a plan involving androids to lure his arch rival--Methuselah Man Strand--to his doom. Humanity's hope against the coming Swarm holocaust rests on the outcome. Star watch desperately needs something powerful to offset the annihilating Swarm numbers.

The sheer numbers were staggering, a 100-1 advantage against all human spacecraft. Read once and not worn at all. If the highly aggressive, racist insects gained hyper-spatial tube technology--allowing them to cross a thousand light-years in seconds--it would mean Armageddon for Earth. Like new condition. Star watch takes the bait, ordering Captain Maddox to find the lost planet holding the ancient technology.

The Lost Planet Lost Starship Series Volume 6 - The crew of starship Victory knows nothing of this and thus blindly enters a web of intrigue and danger. As if on cue, professor ludendorff declares he has discovered the whereabouts of ancient Builder technology, a tech so potent it could defeat the Swarm. Last voyage, captain Maddox entered a distant star system with a Swarm fleet.

The lost planet is the sixth book in the lOST STARSHIP SERIES.

The Lost Earth

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Like new condition. If it escapes its prison. Maddox will have made things infinitely worse. This time, mankind needs a miracle. The lost earth is the seventh book in the LOST STARSHIP SERIES. He's returning to the null region of last voyage to grab the ancient Destroyers hidden there. Commander thrax ti Ix created a hyper-spatial tube for the Swarm Imperium.

It finally happened. Read once and not worn at all. But an immortal entity of evil cunning haunts the vessels. Across thousands of light-years, a vast armada of warships is heading for Earth to burn the homeworld down to its bedrock as the Swarm begins its genocidal campaign against the human race. No one--not the new men, the spacers, the Wahhabi Caliphate or Star Watch--has faced such staggering odds.

The Lost Earth - Alone or united, it makes no difference. Captain Maddox has a last-ditch plan.

The Lost Artifact

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - In the aftermath of the costly victory, chaos threatens as worlds leave the Commonwealth of Planets, face mass starvation or succumb to increased piracy. The war against the Swarm Imperium has just begun. If the captain fails, the Commonwealth will be powerless to stop its destruction. Humanity needs unity or each planet will fall alone.

Brigadier o'hara of Star Watch Intelligence stumbles onto a secret conspiracy. Like new condition. Read once and not worn at all. Someone is trying to destroy the Commonwealth from within, and they have an alien artifact of incredible power. O'hara summons Captain Maddox. Star watch defeated the swarm Invasion Fleet, but at a terrible cost in destroyed star systems, smashed battleships and billions of dead.

The Lost Artifact - What o'hara doesn't know--it would probably break her heart if she did--is that she has just sent Maddox into the most harrowing battle of his career. The lost artifact is the eighth book in the LOST STARSHIP SERIES. Although she fears to lose him, she knows that Maddox and his crew have the best chance of finding the hidden enemy.

The Lost Star Gate Lost Starship Series

Independently published - There, our ships must find and destroy the nexuses that are the only way back home, all in order to stop the bugs from using the nexuses to reach Human Space. Despite the grim mission, Captain Maddox is determined to bring his people back. Read once and not worn at all. The swarm is coming!this time, enemy science vessels study us as Hive Masters gather hundreds of thousands of starships for an avalanche invasion.

Instead of facing massed bug fleets in hopeless battle, we have a desperate plan: use a Builder nexus, create a hyper-spatial tube and send suicide-ships thousands of light-years into Swarm territory. But deep in the Sagittarius Spiral Arm, disaster strikes. All alone in the stellar night, the crew must face a primordial alien that even the Builders feared and the Swarm avoids.

The Lost Star Gate Lost Starship Series - Now begins a deadly battle as maddox, the crew and Galyan are pitted against a horror of legendary evil as a Swarm battle fleet waits to annihilate the victor. The lost star gate is the ninth and longest book, so far, in the LOST STARSHIP SERIES. Like new condition.

The Lost Supernova Lost Starship Series

Independently published - Long before that, Earth will be a radioactive ruin. Now begins a desperate journey in hostile space that will stretch everyone as Maddox strains to reach the Lord High Admiral in time with knowledge about the coming android attack. The lost supernova is the tenth book in the lOST STARSHIP SERIES. Then an alien puppet-master altered their programming.

Androids used to mingle among us, pretending to be human. Unknown to us, androids began leaving human society, burning their clothes and peeling off their skin to reveal the chrome-colored bodies underneath. They gathered in a system were a star had exploded, blowing away the atmosphere of a Jupiter-like planet.

The Lost Supernova Lost Starship Series - Read once and not worn at all. The crippled starship will take years to reach home again. The androids are mining supermetals that can turn ordinary ship weapons and shields into invincible armaments. The altered programming includes human genocide, which will start with a murderous attack on Earth. Luckily, captain Maddox finds the enemy system.

Like new condition. But during a space battle, something happens to hurl Victory thousands of light-years away into the Scutum-Centaurus Spiral Arm. The supernova had hurled heavy metals against the remaining core.

A.I. Destroyer

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - This is our hour as we face the ultimate evil, the galactic destroyer of life. Now our computers are killing us, helping the enemy drive us into extinction. It came from deep space. The crew is dead and the main computer has been destroyed. But some of us refuse to die. Jon hawkins revives from cryogenic sleep in a drifting SLN battleship.

. We learn. Read once and not worn at all. Jon is a soldier, the start of the resistance, the one man with the will to beat the alien death machines that have terminated a thousand races. It sent the signal. Like new condition. We fight back.