The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon

BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd B077N3HT1L - In the past year alone, a song also used on another netflix show, the highly acclaimed and culturally phenomenal Netflix series 'Stranger Things' has used the song 'Nocturnal Me' whilst the equally comparable '13 Reasons Why' has used 'The Killing Moon', 'Dead of Summer'. The bunnymen are still revered by those in the best of popular culture.

The band have come a long way from the group's infamous first concert as a three-piece with a drum machine in 1979 at the legendary Erics club in Liverpool, The Bunnymen still perform sell-out concerts across the world today. I’m doing it as it’s important to me to make the songs better. Echo & the bunnymen's dark, swirling fusion of post-punk and The Doors/The Velvets-inspired pop psychedelia has brought the group twenty top 20 hits and nine top 20 albums in the UK so far in their 40 year career.

. Bunnymen classics transformed & new Songs With Strings & Things Attached ‘I’m not doing this for anyone else. Echo & the bunnymen- the Stars, The Oceans & The Moon. I have to do it. Ian mcculloch this new studio album will see the bunnymen, still lead by the indominable Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant, revisit some of their greatest songs to rearrange and transform them with co producer Andy Wright…and strings and things.

The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon - Expect a couple of brand new tracks to accompany the classics. Their seminal albums 'crocodiles', 'heaven up here', 'porcupine' and 'ocean rain' have been a major influence for acts such as Coldplay, The Killers and The Flaming Lips whilst later albums 'Evergreen' and 'What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?' and 'Siberia & Meteorites' demonstrate what an amazing body of work the band have.

California Son

BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd - Morrissey- California Son.


Matador Records - For the first time since 2007’s Our Love to Admire, Interpol have opened themselves up to the input of a producer. During interpol’s previous albums, the singer largely kept himself out of his own work, preferring to fill his lyrics with detached thoughts, and observations, characters, often phrased in abstract.

Of sound morrissey- California Son. How can i make shit swing?” was the question sam repeatedly asked himself, and the answer is in the striding gallop of opener “If You Really Love Nothing, ” the embellished skip ‘n’ bounce of “Stay in Touch” and the R&B swagger of closer “It Probably Matters.

Marauder - Interpol have always been world-beaters at creating a feeling, but Marauder is where the feel is just as crucial. On august 24th interpol will release their sixth studio album Marauder on Matador Records worldwide, available on CD and vinyl. I think in the past, I always felt autobiography was too small a thing for me to reference.

Paul may have stepped out of the shadows as a bassist, but he’s stepping into an even brighter light as a songwriter. For two-week spells between december of 2017 to april of 2018, mogwai, flaming Lips, MGMT, they travelled to upstate New York to work with Dave Fridmann – famed for recording with Mercury Rev, Spoon, and countless others.

Interpol- Marauder. Singer paul banks’ vocals drift above the mix with a slight sneer soaked in echo. Rolling stone “the rover is Interpol as shit, which means ricocheting guitars and an unstoppable rhythm section.

Kings And Queens / Knaves And Thieves

Korda Records - They've now returned with another signature album, the beautifully powerful Kings and Queens / Knaves and Thieves. Dream pop legends the ocean blue release their first new album in over 6 years - Kings and Queens / Knaves and Thieves on Korda Records. The ocean blue arrived as the 1980s drew to close, and their debut record on famed Sire Records Madonna, The Smiths, The Cure, Talking Heads seemed to summarize the best of the musical decade.

The band of four teenagers from hershey, "drifting, with hits like "between Something and Nothing", Falling", PA quickly achieved widespread acclaim and Top 10 Modern Rock/College Radio & MTV airplay, "Ballerina Out of Control" and "Sublime". Morrissey- California Son. Interpol- Marauder. After a busy decade, culminating with 2013's ultramarine, the band left the majors in the late 1990s and continued with independent releases over the next decade, hailed as one of their best albums.

Joe Strummer 001 2 CD

Ignition Records Ltd - Interpol- Marauder. Includes solo tracks as well as tracks with The Mescaleros, the 101ers and more. 12 previously unreleased songs from Joe Strummer s personal archive. First ever, definitive compilation of Joe Strummer's work, career-spanning, comprising 32 tracks. Joe strummer- 001. 20 previously released tracks including rarities and hard to find recordings.

Morrissey- California Son.

True Meanings Deluxe Edition

Warner Bros./Parlophone - A dreamy, pastoral set of songs to get lost in, it is both an album that his faithful audience has been wanting him to make for a long time, peaceful, and an album that many new people outside of that audience will relate to. True meanings was recorded in just over three weeks at Weller's own Black Barn Studio with the aforementioned revolving cast of characters dropping in for a day here and there.

. It is always a good sign when the recording of an album is swift, and here you can just hear that the man at the center of these songs is more focused and inspired than he has ever been. Interpol- Marauder. The orchestration was added soon after and that was that. Joe strummer- 001. Morrissey- California Son.

True Meanings Deluxe Edition - True meanings is an album characterised by grandiose-yet-delicate, singing some of his most nakedly honest words, lush orchestration: an aesthetic to which Weller's better-than-ever voice, is perfectly suited.

Call The Comet

New Voodoo Records - Morrissey- California Son. Interpol- Marauder. Joe strummer- 001. Shrink-wrapped. Includes "walk Into The Sea". Heartfelt 2018 solo album from The Smiths' legendary guitarist! Recorded at his own Crazy Face Studios in Manchester.

Mixed Up Deluxe Edition3CD

Rhino Records - No SAI - 3 cd set featuring: original 1990 compilation album & 11 rare mixes from 1982-1990 newly remastered in 2018 by robert smith, plus 16 brand new mixes by roberT SMITH Morrissey- California Son. Joe strummer- 001. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Interpol- Marauder.


XL Recordings - A ‘one-reeler’ film, also entitled ANIMA, is available to watch exclusively via Netflix worldwide from midnight 27th June. The album features 9 tracks, with an extra track exclusively on vinyl. Interpol- Marauder. Shrink-wrapped. Made by paul thomas anderson to music from Thom’s album, the one-reeler has a run time of approximately 14 minutes.

Joe strummer- 001. Thom yorke’s new album anima released summer 2109 was written by Thom Yorke and produced by Nigel Godrich. Shrink-wrapped. Morrissey- California Son.

Look Now 2 CDDeluxe Edition

Concord Records - Interpol- Marauder. Joe strummer- 001. Recorded in hollywood, british columbia, reflective in its lyrical vision, New York City and Vancouver, 'Look Now' is beautiful in its simplicity, surrounded by melodies and orchestrations that are nothing short of heavenly. Shrink-wrapped. It's the first album costello has made with the imposters since the 2008 release of 'Momofuku' and his first new album since the acclaimed 2013 Roots collaboration, 'Wise Up Ghost'.

Shrink-wrapped. Morrissey- California Son. Most of the titles were written solely by elvis costello although, 'Don't Look Now' and 'Photographs Can Lie' were co-written with Burt Bacharach, who makes a guest appearance, leading The Imposters from the piano for those two ballads. The album was co-produced by elvis and sebastian Krys - the Latin Grammy Producer of the Year for 2007 and 2015, whose love and understanding of music spans both hemispheres.

Look Now 2 CDDeluxe Edition - Look now' is an outstanding 12-strong addition to his song catalogue. Shrink-wrapped.

Best Of R.E.M. At The BBC 8 CD/DVD Box Set

Craft Recordings - And the bbc throughout the band s career is celebrated here. Morrissey- California Son. In the U. S. R. E. M. Shrink-wrapped. The band s emergence in europe also stemmed around their live forays in England, France, the Netherlands and Germany starting in '83. Joe strummer- 001. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Came to attention in the early '80's and developed a fanbase around the band's relentless touring schedule and college radio airplay a uniquely American network of local radio stations playing 'alternative' music. Interpol- Marauder. This strong bind between R. E. M. From this time, the bbc embraced the band not only with airplay, but also with interviews, TV appearances and in-studio sessions.