Totally Killer: A Novel

HarperCollins e-books - Deficit. The raves are already rolling in for this wonderfully twisted tale of an innocent and beautiful young Midwestern girl who finds a “totally killer” job through a most unusual employment agency in New York City. Disorder. Debut novelist greg olear gets nostalgic for a recently bygone era with Totally Killer—a quirky, darkly funny, and fiendishly clever noirish tale of intrigue and suspense.

Totally killer nails, without mercy, the mood and minutiae of a weary America at the end of the 20th century. Brad listi, author of Attention. Jerry stahl, bestselling author of Permanent Midnight, says, “The title doesn’t lie—Totally Killer truly is. ”. Smart, unexpected, and wonderfully savage in its humor.

Totally Killer: A Novel - The ’90s are back in this brilliant collision of conspiracy theory and pop culture that ingeniously blends assassination, paranoia, Dick Cheney, politics, CIA duplicity, and Duran Duran.

Fathermucker: A Novel

William Morrow Paperbacks - As jessica anne blau, daring, autism spectrum disorder, author of drinking closer to Home and The Summer of Naked Swim Parties so insightfully points out, and great talent of Greg Olear could pull off a novel that deals with sippy cups, masturbation, “Only a writer with the verve, affairs, and play-dates all at once.

”. If you read one book this year, read this one. Molly jong-fast, author greg olear brings us a not-so-typical day in the life of stay-at-home dad Josh Lansky, author of The Social Climber’s Handbook Senior editor at the online literary magazine The Nervous Breakdown and author of Totally Killer, juggling myriad fatherly responsibilities while dealing with the maddening realization that his  away-on-business wife just might be having an affair.

Fathermucker: A Novel - All kinds of funny—raucously, saucily, surprisingly, sweetly, wickedly, profanely funny…a wonderful novel. Jess walter, author of the Financial Lives of the Poets“Deft and funny, true and real. Fathermucker is a sweet, heartrending, often hilarious look at family life from the dad’s perspective that Nick Hornby fans will most certainly respond to.

Domestic Violets: A Novel

Harper Perennial - . Domestic violets is a fast, fun, hilariousread. Jessica anya blau, and infidelity; and of mid-life malaise, andambition; of attraction, critically-acclaimed author of The Summer of Naked Swim Parties and DrinkingCloser to HomeInthe tradition of Jonathan Tropper and Tom Perrotta comes Matthew Norman's Domestic Violets—adarkly comic family drama about one man’s improbable trials of love, impotence, poorly-planned revenge, loss, and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

Hystericaland often touching.

Dirty Rubles: An Introduction to Trump/Russia

Four Sticks Press - In this remarkable and necessary work, novelist Greg Olear weaves the loose threads of Trump/Russia into a short, easy-to-follow narrative. It’s also the most complex. Dirty rubles is a long-form version of that lucidity, a cogent book that will catch people up to speed as they realize the story of the century was kept from them.

Dirty rubles is an ideal primer for those new to the story, a useful review for those already in the know, and a guidebook for the agnostic #MAGA fan—a compelling overview of Trump/Russia that every American should read. If ignorance is your bliss, Dirty Rubles isn't for you. To help america get back on track, read this book and share its insights with family and friends.

Eric garland, strategic analyst, author of future Inc: How Businesses Can Anticipate and Profit from What’s NEXT and How to Predict the Future and Win. Luckily, skilled writers and patriots like Greg Olear stepped into the fray, keeping readers rapt as he helped condense complex conspiracy into lucid narrative.

Dirty Rubles: An Introduction to Trump/Russia - Greg olear deliciously tears down that barrier Trump has erected between the truth and the American people. Cheri jacobus, political pundit and trump target“while donald Trump represented the greatest threat to the United States since the Civil War, USA Today columnist, the US Media abdicated its duty to tell the American people the truth.

Trump/russia is the greatest political scandal in American history.

The Wonder Bread Summer: A Novel

Harper Perennial - Jessica anya blau, author of the summer of Naked Swim Parties, delivers another darkly hilarious, heartbreaking coming-of-age novel with Wonder Bread Summer. In the wonder bread summer, loosely based on Alice in Wonderland, 20-year-old Allie Dodgson has adventures that rival those Alice had down the rabbit hole.

Or those of Weeds’ Nancy Botwin. Allison is working at a dress shop to help pay for college. But there’s a problem: her mom took off when Allison was eight; her dad moves so often Allison that doesn’t even have his phone number…. Set in 1980s california, the wonder bread summer is a wickedly funny and fresh caper that’s sure to please fans of Christopher Moore, Carl Hiaasen, and Marcy Dermansky.

The Wonder Bread Summer: A Novel - The dress shop turns out to be a front for drug dealers. And allison ends up on the run—with a Wonder Bread bag full of cocaine. With a hit man after her, Allison wants the help of her parents.

Mrs. Fletcher: A Novel

Scribner - One night she receives a text from an anonymous number that says, “U R my MILF!” Over the months that follow, that message comes to obsess Eve. While leading her all-too-placid life—serving as executive Director of the local senior center and taking a community college course on Gender and Society—Eve can’t curtail her own interest in a porn website that features the erotic exploits of ordinary, middle-aged women like herself.

Meanwhile, miles away at the state college, eve’s son Brendan—a jock and aspiring frat boy—discovers that his new campus isn’t nearly as welcoming to his hard-partying lifestyle as he had imagined. Before long, eve’s online fixations begin to spill over into real life, revealing new romantic possibilities that threaten to upend her quiet suburban existence.

Mrs. Fletcher: A Novel - As the new england autumn turns cold, both mother and son find themselves enmeshed in morally fraught situations that come to a head on one fateful November night. The sweetest and most charming novel about pornography addiction and the harrowing issues of sexual consent that you will probably ever read” The New York Times Book Review, Mrs.

Tom perrotta’s latest might just be his best” NPR. Fletcher is a timeless examination of sexuality, identity, parenthood, and the big clarifying mistakes people can make when they’re no longer sure of who they are or where they belong. Soon to be an hbo series starring kathryn hahn! “light, the new York Times bestselling novel about sex, love, and laugh-out-loud funny” People, zingy, and identity as seen through the eyes of a middle-aged woman and her college freshman son.

A forty-six-year-old divorcee whose beloved only child has just left for college, Eve Fletcher is struggling to adjust to her empty nest.

The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump

St. Martin's Press - He became an expert in two kinds of investigations that are critical to American national security: Russian organized crime—which is inextricably linked to the Russian state—and terrorism. But as mccabe shows, as president trump and his administration ignore the law, attack democratic institutions, right now the greatest threat to the United States comes from within, degrade human rights, and undermine the U.

S. Constitution that protects every citizen. Important, and powerfully argued, the threat tells the true story of what the FBI is, revealing, how it works, and why it will endure as an institution of integrity that protects America.1 new york times bestseller#1 washington post bestseller#1 wall street Journal BestsellerOn March 16, just twenty-six hours before his scheduled retirement from the organization he had served with distinction for more than two decades, 2018, Andrew G.

The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump - And under james comey, mccabe was deeply involved in the controversial investigations of the Benghazi attack, the Clinton Foundation's activities, and Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server when she was secretary of state. The threat recounts in compelling detail the time between donald Trump's November 2016 election and McCabe's firing, set against a page-turning narrative spanning two decades when the FBI's mission shifted to a new goal: preventing terrorist attacks on Americans.

. Mccabe offers a dramatic and candid account of his career, and an impassioned defense of the FBI's agents, and of the institution's integrity and independence in protecting America and upholding our Constitution. Mccabe started as a street agent in the FBI's New York field office, serving under director Louis Freeh.

The Day That Never Comes The Dublin Trilogy Book 2

McFori Ink - Remember those people that destroyed the economy and then cruised off on their yachts? Well guess what – someone is killing them. Dublin is in the middle of a heat wave and tempers are running high. His newly established detective agency is about to be DOA. Paul mulchrone doesn’t care about any of this; he has problems of his own.

One of his partners won’t talk to him for very good reasons and the other has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth for no reason at all. Can he hold it together long enough to figure out what bunny mcgarry’s colourful past has to do with his present absence? When the law and justice no longer mean the same thing, on which side will you stand? The Day That Never Comes is the second book in Caimh McDonnell’s Dublin Trilogy, which melds fast-paced action with a distinctly Irish acerbic wit.

The Day That Never Comes The Dublin Trilogy Book 2 - The celtic tiger is well and truly dead, the trial of three unscrupulous property developers teeters on the brink of collapse, activists have taken over the headquarters of a failed bank, and in the midst of all this, along comes a mysterious organisation hell-bent on exacting bloody vengeance in the name of the little guy.

The Trouble with Lexie: A Novel

Harper Perennial - Yes, she’s created the stable life she craved as a child, Lexie strikes up a friendship with a Ruxton alumnus, but is stability really what she wants? In her moment of indecision, the father of her favorite student. She earned a masters degree, got engaged to the nicest guy she’d ever met, conquered terrifying panic attacks, and landed a counseling job at the prestigious Ruxton Academy, a prep school for the moneyed children of the elite.

But as her wedding date nears, Lexie has doubts. From the beloved author of the summer of naked swim parties and The Wonder Bread Summer comes the jaw-dropping story of Lexie James, a counselor at an exclusive New England prep school, whose search for happiness lands her in unexpectedly wild trouble. Lexie james escaped: after being abandoned by her alcoholic father, and kicked out of the apartment to make room for her mother’s boyfriend, Lexie made it on her own.

The Trouble with Lexie: A Novel - It’s a relationship that blows open Lexie’s carefully constructed life, and then dunks her into shocking situations with headline-worthy trouble. The perfect cocktail of naughtiness, adventure and humor, heart, The Trouble with Lexie is a wild and poignant story of the choices we make to outrun our childhoods—and the choices we have to make to outrun our entangled adult lives.

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay with bonus content: A Novel

Random House - Now with special bonus material by Michael Chabon. He finds the ideal partner in the aloof, and together they embark on an adventure that takes them deep into the heart of Manhattan, artistically gifted Joe, and the heart of old-fashioned American ambition. Finalist for the pen/faulkner award, national book critics circle award, and los angeles times Book Prize • Winner of the Bay Area Book Reviewers Award and the New York Society Library Book Award • Named one of the 10 Best Books of the Decade by Entertainment Weekly.

Spanning continents and eras, this superb book by one of America’s finest writers remains one of the defining novels of our modern American age. Winner of the pulitzer prize   new york times bestseller • the beloved, a michael chabon masterwork, award-winning The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, is the American epic of two boy geniuses named Joe Kavalier and Sammy Clay.

While the long shadow of hitler falls across europe, and in a distant corner of Brooklyn, America is happily in thrall to the Golden Age of comic books, Sammy is looking for a way to cash in on the craze. From the shared fears, dreams, fascist-fighting Escapist and the beautiful, mysterious Luna Moth, and desires of two teenage boys, they spin comic book tales of the heroic, otherworldly mistress of the night.

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay with bonus content: A Novel - A young escape artist and budding magician named Joe Kavalier arrives on the doorstep of his cousin, Sammy Clay. A “towering, swash-buckling thrill of a book” newsweek, hailed as chabon’s “magnum opus” The New York Review of Books, and storytelling, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay is a triumph of originality, imagination, an exuberant, irresistible novel that begins in New York City in 1939.

Climbing from the streets of brooklyn to the top of the Empire State Building, Joe and Sammy carve out lives, and careers, as vivid as cyan and magenta ink.

Last Orders The Dublin Trilogy Book 4

McFori Ink - Soon they're faced with the prospect of the company going out of business and Brigit going out of her damn mind. When long-buried bodies are discovered in the Wicklow Mountains, Bunny's past starts closing in on him too. And even the mighty fall. Last orders is the thrilling conclusion of the critically acclaimed Dublin Trilogy, which melds fast-paced action with a distinctly Irish acerbic wit.

. As a wise man once said, just because you're done with the past, doesn't mean the past is done with you. Paul can't let an incident from his past go. It's best enjoyed having read the other books in the series, particularly the prequel Angels in the Moonlight. Who can he trust when he can't even trust himself? when he finds himself with nowhere left to run and nobody he can turn to, will the big fella make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the ones he loves? When all that's left is the fall, the fall is everything.

Last Orders The Dublin Trilogy Book 4 - When he finds out a rival detective agency played a key role in it, he drags MCM Investigations into a blood feud that they can't hope to win.