Why Marriage Matters: Reasons to Believe in Marriage in Postmodern Society Experiencing God

Drawing from 100 years of social science research, Why Marriage Matters examines the state of marriage in America today and gives readers solid reasons to believe in marriage in a postmodern culture. Indexed for easy reference.

Wing to Wing, Oar to Oar: Readings on Courting and Marrying Ethics of Everyday Life

It offers a higher kind of sex education, one that prepares hearts and minds for romance leading to lasting marriage, and introduces us to possibilities open to human beings in everyday life that may be undreamt of in our current philosophizing. Kass see very little attention being paid to what makes for marital success.

Wing to wing, oar to oar: courting and Marrying is an anthology of source readings offered as a response to the contemporary cultural silence surrounding love that leads to marriage. Lewis, expands our sympathies, Miss Manners, and many others, this collection challenges our unexamined opinions, elevates our gaze.

. Despite current concerns for “family values” and the dissolution of marriages, Amy A. This unapologetically pro-marriage anthology is intended to help young people of marriageable age and their parents think about the meaning, especially, and virtues of marriage and, purpose, about finding the right person with whom to make a life.

It addresses important questions that emerge not from theory, herodotus, erasmus, plato, but from practice: Why marry? Is this love? How can I find and win the right one to marry? What about sex? Why a wedding and the promises of marriage? What can married life be like? Using readings taken mainly from classic texts of Homer, Rousseau, Shakespeare, Aquinas, Tolstoy, Austen, C.

S. Yet they see major discontent with the present situation and detect among their students certain longings―for friendship, for a life that is serious and deep, for wholeness, and for associations that are trustworthy and lasting―longings they do not realize could be largely satisfied by marrying well.

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